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5 Signs He's NOT The One

Have you ever been in a relationship with a man you knew wasn't the one but STILL you stayed knowing he was no good for you? I think almost all of us have been guilty of this atleast once. I myself have been guilty of it in the past but eventually i learned my lesson and so can you.

Check out this list i came across by Liz Campanille of the 5 signs he's not the one... i feel the list is very accurate. I broke up with someone over #2 ... and #1 is a deal breaker for me, trust is a MUST, without it, you will NEVER have a good relationship.

1. You can’t trust him.

Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship, and without it, there is no relationship to be had. The concept of trust permeates every facet of any partnership with two people, most significantly in romantic ones.

Trust can cover many types of behavior, including doing what he says he’s going to do, keeping promises, showing up, and following through. These are all important actions in the dating dynamic. In a galaxy far away, I dated a guy who was always shifty and vague when we made plans. This made me not trust him, and as it later turned out, he was validating my fears with his infidelity. In a word… next!

2. He brings out the worst in you.

Any man who seems to thrive on conflict or discord within your relationship is bad news. If he’s anything less than compassionate and supportive, chances are he’s not into the relationship for anything other than drama. The point of a romantic relationship is to love, support and nurture each other. (Contrary to what reality shows might tell you, they’re not about drama, hurt feelings, conspiracy plots, or psychologist bills.)

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10 Lies Men Tell... Have You Heard These Before?

I came across a article on Black Voices that listed 10 Lies Men tell (SMH) i have to say i pretty much agree with most of the list... let me know what you think. Fella's let me know if it's accurate... Ladies, let me know if you have been told any of these lies before.

1. "I'll call you."

It isn't hard to make a phone call. At least it wasn't before text messaging replaced actual conversation and relationships were catapulted from social networking sites and Instant Messaging conversations. Yet somehow it seems easier for men to end a conversation with, "I'll call you later" or "I'll call you right back" instead of being honest and saying, "I will try to call. I might even think about it, but I most likely won't because my attention span is akin to a golden retriever's."

2. "My phone was dead/off/on silent."

Most of the lies men tell are directly linked to wrongdoing. READ: CHEATING. When a man says his phone is off, it usually means he was getting off...with someone other than you.

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