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9 mistakes most people make on a first date.... do any of these sound familiar? 


I came across this list on hellobeautiful.com about mistakes most women make on a first date, i found it interesting and i realized the list can also be flipped in reverse to apply to men.  there's 3 things on the list that really stood out for me....

#2 talking about ex's...  if i'm on a first date... unless i ask a man about his ex... it's not really cool for him to just bring her out the blue and go into a big discussion about her. That could be a little red flag that maybe he's not over her yet. 

#5 Not shutting up (lol)  this one is FUNNY but very true! it's a BIGGIE with me... i'm some what of the quiet type so i actually prefer a man who talks more than me but C'MON! let's not over do it! it's never a good look when a man is OVERLY talkative and doesn't give you a chance to speak... i like a 2way conversation. i once met a guy i really liked but he just would NOT stop talking... he went on & on & on & on... i could literally put the phone down, cook dinner, go shopping and come back to the phone and he would not even notice i left because he's busy having a one way convo with himself. they say the rule is...  if you are talking to someone for more than 60 seconds without pausing at all to allow them a chance to join in the conversation... you are talking too much (unless) you are telling a story... that may require more talk time.

#9 texting... texting during a first date is rude.  If i'm on a first date i would like to feel special like a man is into me (atleast during the date) if he's busy texting... (unless its EXTREMELY important) that's not respectful. 

#10 Overly Bragging about yourself... This is one i snuck onto the list myself (one of my pet peeves). it's NOT a good look to discuss your finances on a first date. If you have luxury cars, a Big House & Lots of money (that's GREAT and definitely something to be proud of) but unless you are dating a gold digger... it's a turn off for you to brag about those things on a first date. let me get to know YOU before i know what's in your bank account (all ladies may not agree with me on this one) but, i feel... Not only is it tasteless to brag about money, it makes you seem insecure. (this may also apply to ANY type of egotistical, narcissistic type bragging)... it's not cute!

Check out the FULL list and let me know what you think... i wanna here from the Ladies & the Fella's :)


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