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Treating A GOOD Man BAD... Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last? 

The other day i met a 30 yr old black woman who was telling me (with a smile on her face) about how BAD she treats her man. Her exact word were "i'm mean to my man." when i asked her why is she mean to him... she shook her shoulders and replied "i don't know", so i asked her does he treat her bad? did he cheat on you? did he hit you? is he verbally abusive... she said "no he's very good to me." at that point i became baffled. Me being a single black women knowing how difficult it is to actually meet a actual GOOD man who treats you right i became some what annoyed by this woman who seemed 2 get pleasure out of treating a GOOD man BAD.

She continued to tell me that her man was TOO SOFT... i knew what she meant by that but the inner psychologist in me had to ask.. "what do you mean too soft?" she continued to tell me the man was TOO nice and she doesn't like a man who is TOO nice. she said he treats her respectful like a queen and she said he gives her anything she wants, offered to buy her her own business OR if she chooses not to work at all... that's fine with him

I couldnt help but ask myself... is it women like her who are giving us black women a bad name with black men? she literally bragged about treating this good man bad for no reason other than he's "Too Nice" SMH.

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8 Signs She's Not Into You

I came across this list and felt the need to share it with you guys. The list has A LOT of truth so pay attention fella's, ESPECIALLY #5... if she doesn't laugh at your jokes you're good as finished! even if you are corny, if a women is feeling you, she will laugh at your jokes. #3 half of it is true... the other half is touchy... if a women avoids eye contact... there's a chance she might just be shy... so don't take that one to hard. Take a look at the list and let me know what you think, and Ladies let me know if you agree.

1. She Says She's Not Ready For A Relationship

Ah, the classic escape route; women often use this one when they feel cornered by someone they are not interested in. It's clean, requires no preparation and leaves no room for a counterargument. But if a woman says this to you, what she really means is that she does not want to be in a relationship with you.

2. You're Always The One Calling Her And/Or She Doesn't Return Your Phone Calls

Watch out: She may be avoiding you. And if she's not avoiding you, you are not on her mind and she simply forgot. Either way, this means that she has less invested than you do and doesn't care enough to actively seek you out.

3. She Avoids Eye Contact And Physical Proximity

This is an obvious sign that many men overlook. If she is attracted to you, she will naturally want to be close to you and make eye contact. If she is evading your gaze and keeping you at arm's length at all times, she may also be protecting her personal space, so make sure you don't get too close.

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9 mistakes most people make on a first date.... do any of these sound familiar? 


I came across this list on hellobeautiful.com about mistakes most women make on a first date, i found it interesting and i realized the list can also be flipped in reverse to apply to men.  there's 3 things on the list that really stood out for me....

#2 talking about ex's...  if i'm on a first date... unless i ask a man about his ex... it's not really cool for him to just bring her out the blue and go into a big discussion about her. That could be a little red flag that maybe he's not over her yet. 

#5 Not shutting up (lol)  this one is FUNNY but very true! it's a BIGGIE with me... i'm some what of the quiet type so i actually prefer a man who talks more than me but C'MON! let's not over do it! it's never a good look when a man is OVERLY talkative and doesn't give you a chance to speak... i like a 2way conversation. i once met a guy i really liked but he just would NOT stop talking... he went on & on & on & on... i could literally put the phone down, cook dinner, go shopping and come back to the phone and he would not even notice i left because he's busy having a one way convo with himself. they say the rule is...  if you are talking to someone for more than 60 seconds without pausing at all to allow them a chance to join in the conversation... you are talking too much (unless) you are telling a story... that may require more talk time.

#9 texting... texting during a first date is rude.  If i'm on a first date i would like to feel special like a man is into me (atleast during the date) if he's busy texting... (unless its EXTREMELY important) that's not respectful. 

#10 Overly Bragging about yourself... This is one i snuck onto the list myself (one of my pet peeves). it's NOT a good look to discuss your finances on a first date. If you have luxury cars, a Big House & Lots of money (that's GREAT and definitely something to be proud of) but unless you are dating a gold digger... it's a turn off for you to brag about those things on a first date. let me get to know YOU before i know what's in your bank account (all ladies may not agree with me on this one) but, i feel... Not only is it tasteless to brag about money, it makes you seem insecure. (this may also apply to ANY type of egotistical, narcissistic type bragging)... it's not cute!

Check out the FULL list and let me know what you think... i wanna here from the Ladies & the Fella's :)


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TOP 10 signs that he's cheating

According to Relationship Expert, Stephany Alexander, B.A., Author, Women's Speaker and founder of www.WomanSavers.com, one of the most popular women's sites on the net receiving millions of hits per month, These are the TOP 10 signs of a cheating man. Check out the list and let me know if you agree or Disagree.

1. Spends less time with you. A cheating man must use the excuse of working long hours, extra meetings and dinners or other unexplained functions so he will have time with his “other” woman.

2. Isn’t as affectionate any more. Your sex life is almost non-existent because of his other commitments. He doesn’t want to cuddle, watch a movie, hold hands or do many of the touchy things he used to.

3. He changes his physical appearance. A cheating man usually starts buying new clothes, gets a new hair style or begins working out because he wants to be attractive to the other woman in his life besides you.

4. Car changes. The passenger seat in the car has been moved or there is an unknown hair on the car seat. Perhaps the radio station is on an irregular station because that’s what she likes.

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VIDEO: Madea gives GREAT relationship advice

I LOVE the relationship advice Medea is giving in this video. She is 100% on point with everything she's saying. Remember... sometimes you have to FORGET who the messenger is and just pay attention to the message ;)


Steve Harvey says men can NOT have female friends

Steve Harvey says its IMPOSSIBLE for a man to be just friends with a woman without having some kind of feelings for her. He says if a man is your friend he's only your friend because he's waiting for you to give him a chance... i agree that this is true in SOME cases but not all. I personally have a couple of male friends who are like family to me and would NEVER think of me in any other way. watch the video below and let me know if you agree with what he says.... Fella's let us ladies know, is he speaking the truth?


Steve Harvey gives advice to the ladies

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