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5 bad Moves Men Make That Turn Women Off....

written by @DjCocoaChanelle

Recently i stumbled onto a article about sexual turn offs that made me laugh. I could identify with a lot of what was being said...

I'm no sex expert, However, i do know a thing or 2 about what turns myself and the average woman OFF... so i decided to put together my own personal list of BAD MOVES men make in hopes of helping you fella's see the light, lol

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STUDY: Men who are bad in bed cheat more

 Essence reports... A professor at the University of Guelph recently released results of a new study on the factors that lead to infidelity and the results may surprise you.

What should women look out for? For starters, men who have trouble performing between the sheets. The study says men with sexual performance issues are more likely to cheat on a woman, however, they’re not the only ones. On the opposite end of the spectrum, men who like to take risks and who are very easily aroused, are also prime candidates to be culprits. 

Sounds a bit contradictory right? Robin Milhausen, a professor and sexuality researcher in Guelph's Department of Family Relations and Applied Nutrition, explains.

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New relationship studies show men are valuing cuddling & affection more while women value more sex

Hmmmmmm, can this be true? Are the fellas really valuing cuddling and affection more than sex and vise versa.... women are valuing sex more than cuddling? Huffington Post reports.... Researchers from the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Ind. surveyed couples in long-term relationships from five different countries, and found some surprising results, reports TIME.

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8 Signs She Likes You


5 bad Reasons To Date Someone

1. You can’t stand to be alone

We've all had those dreadful lonely nights when you feel like being with anyone is better than being alone :( My philosphy is.... i'd rather be alone than be with someone who doesn't make me happy, life is too short, no more drama (in my Mary J Blige voice).

2. Your friends want you paired off together

Sometimes friends mean well (bless their little hearts) they wanna see you happy so they may push you to be with a person THEY want you to be with, but if that's not something you want, don't date a person just for the sake of making you friends happy, date the person who makes YOU happy

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5 steps to help you find your soulmate

A lot of people believe in "Soulmates"... that one special person who completes you like Tom Cruise in the "Jerry Mcguire" movie... Is it possible to increase your chances of meeting that special person? A interesting article i came across called How To Find Your Soulmate seems to think so... The article list 5 steps to increase your chances of finding your soulmate. Check out the list and let me know what you think.

STEP 1: Make yourself a better person

Instead of waiting for your soulmate to appear, make yourself apparent to him or her. Become the spectacular human being you want to be. Expressing your individuality is the closest you can come to advertising your soulmate potential. Not only will you stand out, but you'll also be doing things that are more likely to bring you closer to your soulmate, who probably has similar interests and goals.

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7 Signs He's Not Interested In Marrying You

Beyonce's song "Single Ladies" has everyone thinking it's all about putting a ring on it. Yes, getting a engagement ring is great, but after being engaged for several years... what does it really mean? You want your man to not just "Put a ring on it"... you want him to actually walk down the aisle.

Take a LONG and HARD look at this list and see if you see yourself.. if so, you might wanna re-evaluate your relationship.

1. You Have Been Reduced to Begging

For the woman who has been doing some serious hinting about getting married, it is often very hard to realize that conversations about marriage have been replaced with begging and pleading. If you have been reduced to begging, it is time to move on. Not only does he not plan on marrying you, but the type of guy who strings a woman along like this is likely to move on to more complex stalling tactics that can drag on for years without ever tying the knot.

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Cyber Cheating: 5 Signs Your Spouse Is Having A Online Affair

written by @DjCocoaChanelle

Now that the internet is so popular... Online cheating is at a all time high. I decided to make a list of things that i personally find suspect... Check out the 5 warning signs below to see if your spouse fits the description.

1. Your spouse logs off, hides or changes the computer screen as soon as you come any where near them

This is a HUGE red flag, you don't even need me to tell you that this one is suspect, however... for those of you who don't know.... If your spouse is on the computer then SUDDENLY logs off soon as you walk in the room or they switch the screen to a different screen other than the screen they was on before you came in the room, It's time to start asking some questions.

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5 Signs Your Relationship Is Over

1. You just can’t stand the sight of him/her

The sound of his car pulling up on the driveway makes your heart drop. You feel heavy in your thought, and you secretly hope that he/she doesn’t open the door and comes in.

2. Disrespectful and Distrust

If you look at the person with disgust, and it is just irritating you when he/she talks.

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TOP 10 Reasons Why Men Cheat

I came across this list of reason why men cheat on (AskMen) and found it interesting... From a woman's prospective i can definitely say the list has truth to it and these reason would all cause the average man to cheat, But i would like to hear from you fella's, let me know if this list is accurate or not.

1) The opportunity was there

It's an uncontested fact that most men can't say "no" to sex. Although guys aren't constantly bombarded with sexual offers, sometimes an irresistible prospect presents itself. Maybe it's a frisky ex-girlfriend, maybe it's a horny hottie on the dance floor. A guy may see it as once-in-a-lifetime occasion that might never be available again.

2) Your girlfriend/wife is a nag

Most men have experienced at least one woman who thrives on making him feel like crap. Constant nagging, fighting and squabbling in the right ratios is the best recipe for a headache. Cheating with another woman is a common escape from this domestic hell, and works better than aspirin.

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