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5 signs he's getting TOO comfortable

Written by @DjCocoaChanelle

Ahhhhh the Honeymoon phase, that's when everybody's on their best behavior. What happens when the honeymoon is over? (cue dramatic music) DUN DUN DUNNNNN!!!

It's normal for couples to feel more comfortable with each other as time passes. Positive comfortability is a great thing, but if you start noticing subtle negative changes taking place... there's a chance somebody's getting a lil TOO comfortable (in a bad way).

He stops doing the little things:
In the beginning, most men go out of their way to get on your good side. They do the little things to make you happy. It could be something as simple as asking you "how's your day"? When he stops doing those little things he did in the beginning, it's possible he feels like he already has you and he doesn't need to put in any extra work to keep you smiling (bad move guys). The rule of thumb is... whatever you did to get a person, keep doing it!!

He cuts back on quality time with you:
If your man isn't spending quality time with you like he use to, maybe theres a good reason for it... However, if he brushes you off for miscellaneous reasons like "doing laundry" or "Watching a game", that means he's really busy-doing-nothing and he just isn't interested in making a effort to see you. Either he's TOO comfortable, or even worse.... not into you. Bring it to his attention, if he loves you, he'll fix it, if not... Boy BYE!!

He stops complimenting your appearance:
Most men can't tell you enough times how great you look when they first start dating you. They compliment your hair, your outfits, your smile...everything! but if a man is getting too comfortable with you, the compliments start slowing down or may even come to a complete stop.

His affection is not the same:
If in the beginning, your man use to hug and kiss you a lot, but now you have to throw yourself at him just to get a lil peck, that's a bad sign. Affection is a good indication of how healthy a relationship is. Things like holding hands, hugging and kissing are all apart of non verbally expressing to your partner how you feel.

His communication pattern changes:
Usually when a man is into you, you'll have no problems contacting him, if you text him, you'll get a quick reply, if you call... he picks up. If you start noticing when you call or text him, he's taking his time getting back to you... or worse, doesn't get back to you at all, it's possible you're not high on his priority list any more. Unless his phone was lost, broke, stolen or he's working in Africa in a hut with no cell signal... there's a good chance he's comfortable getting back to you whenever he feels like it, or worse (he's with someone else).

He's inconsiderate:
Things like keeping you waiting for long periods of time, cancelling plans at the last minute with no regard for your feelings, Saying he's going to call you but doesn't call, are all examples of being inconsiderate. Some people are inconsiderate without realizing it. If you bring it to their attention (and they care about you) they will fix it, But if you bring it to their attention and they continue to be inconsiderate... that's definitely a sign they are wayyy TOO comfortable, and not only that, they have no respect for you. No good can come from dealing with a inconsiderate man, eventually he'll get on your last nerve.

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