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10 Signs He's TOO Immature

Written by @DjCocoaChanelle

Baby Boy is one of my favorite movies. Remember how Jody didn't have a job, drove his girlfriends car (never put gas in it), hung out with is boys doing nothing all day and lived with his mom by choice?

He was a immature mess, but through the magic of Hollywood, by the end of the movie, Jody turned out to be a great guy (if only real life could be like Hollywood). Check out the 10 signs he's TOO immature...

1. He still lives with his parents (by choice):
Maybe he likes his mom to do his laundry and cook for him, wouldn't we all like that? at some point we gotta grow up and leave the nest, it's a part of being a mature adult.

Anyone can fall on hard times and need help until they get back on their feet (that's understandable) a person shouldn't be judged for that, but any man who chooses to live at home past a certain age for no legit reason is probably on the immature side.
2. He's working on a rap album & has no job/income
i yi yi... if i had one dollar for every time i heard a grown man say "i'm in the studio working on a album" i swear i would be a MULTI-Millionaire by now. Is everybody a rapper these days? Sheeeesh!!!!

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being a rapper... being creative is a great gift, but while he's persuing his music dreams, he has to be realistic. BEWARE of the guy who's just Working on a album and has no job (by choice) and no plans of having a income until record sales & show money start coming in, money from music might not come until the 1st of Neveruary!!
3. He's on twitter ALL day:
Unless he's still in high school, this is a definite sign of immaturity. What grown mature man spends all day on twitter? If he's in a business that requires him to be a heavy tweeter, he can get a pass, otherwise... what's really going on?
4. He wears his pants below his butt:
I can tell you for certain, Jeans sagging off the butt does NOT, (i repeat) does NOT appeal to "women"!!! I'm not saying men need to wear Lil Wayne style jegging jeans (YIKES) thats'not a good look either... we like loose fitting jeans on a man, we just don't like them hanging off your butt.
5. He's not capable of having deep conversations:
I'm all for talking about the latest entertainment news, but if the deepest conversation a man can have is about who the best rapper in the game is or what happened on last nights episode of Love & Hip Hop, i'll eventually get bored with him... A mature man can talk about entertainment, but he's also capable of taking a conversation to a deeper level beyond celebrity gossip and entertainment news.
6. He's more into bromance than romance:
When a man has close male friends that he spends time with and looks at them like brothers, thats a great thing... but when it becomes he spends more time with the fella's than he does with you, Unless he's 16, he has some growing up to do.
7. He's addicted to Playstation
I actually know a few men who are addicted to playing video games. I don't think there's anything wrong with playing games, but if playstation is consuming ALL his free time... thats a red flag that he might be a bit on the immature side (or he needs addiction therapy).
8. Spends all his money on fashion (latest jordans...etc)
I once knew a man who bragged about having $500 jeans... he always had the latest fashions but lived with his mother in the projects, didn't have a car or train fair. Did i mention he was 40? SMH!!!!!!!!
If a man is willing to spend hundreds on fashion but doesn't have his own place or car, he definitely doesn't have his priorities in order and he's VERY immature.
9. He has 1 or more kids he doesn't take care of
Any man can have a baby, but it takes a mature responsible "Man" to be a real "Father" to his child. If a man has 1 or more kids who he chooses to spend little to no time with... he has A LOT of growing up to do, and on top of that, his character is seriously in question... RUN!!!
10. He picks wifey based on superficial beauty:
A man will be a man, it's natural and normal for a man to want a woman who he is physically attracted to, but when it comes to picking a woman to have a relationship with, It takes a mature man to appreciate a woman not only for her physical beauty but for her inner beauty as well... When a man is TOO stuck on superficial beauty (Big butt..etc) that's a sign he has some growing up to do.

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