Oprah's Lifeclass Episode 3 with T.D. Jakes 

This is THEE best show on television (trust me). Oprah's Lifeclass is so inspiring and uplifting, she never fails to gives us food for thought.

Last night T.D. Jakes was the guest speaker... and he touched on so many good points you might wanna take notes. He reminds us that our passion in life and our purpose in life are connected.

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David Icke explains how to attract positive people & more success 

Written by @DjCocoaChanelle

You ever feel like all the wrong type of people keep coming into your life? or like success and luck happens to everyone except you?

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MOVIE: "The Secret" (full movie)

You ever feel stuck in life? if so, This is a very good documentary movie to watch. It's one of my favorite documentaries because It has very valuable information that can help you understand why your life is where it is.

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Kabbalah: The hidden science celebrities Like Madonna, Demi & Ashton Kutcher use for happiness

Kabbalah is Wisdom that many people call the Hidden Science or the Users Manual For Reality. The popular movie "The Secret" has information in it that comes from ancient Kabbalah teachings that have been around for thousands of years.

I heard about Kabbalah for many years before i actually paid any attention to it. I assumed it was a Religion, i also assumed it was for only Jewish people.

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Classic Lauryn Hill Speech.... She Talks About The Matrix, Life, Love, Courage & Hip Hop (2001)

Young 25 year old Spiritual Lauryn was so amazing and wise beyond her years in this video... This speech was given in 2001... Her widely successful album The Mis-education of Lauryn Hill had been out for 3 years and Lauryn was a HUGE superstar & people were already calling her crazy.

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Will Smith Speaks On The "Law Of Attraction".... Explains Using Thoughts To Control Reality

In this video, Will Smith gives us a lot of insight into how he uses his thoughts and his mind to control his reality. He talks about the law of attraction a lot... This is a very insightful interview with Tavis Smiey. Enjoy :)

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The Science Of Getting Rich... Michael Beckwith Explains The Power Of Positive Thinking 

Michael Beckwitih is one of the teachers from "The Secret" movie. He is sharing information about the power of positive thinking and explaining the science of getting rich.

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Teachers From "The Secret" Movie On Oprah 

The teachers from the secret movie went on Oprah to discuss the "Law Of Attraction". They gave great advice on how you can attract the things you want into your life. It's very interesting. Click below to see part 1-5. enjoy :)

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Donald Trump Gives GREAT Career Advice 

In this video clip Donald Trump advises people to choose a career doing what you love instead of doing what others expect you to do. He goes into a interesting story about a close friend of his who was in a high paying Wall Street job but wasn't happy.

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Will Smith Gives GREAT Advice, Secrets To His Success & Words Of Wisdom

Will Smith is one of few current celebrities that i would love to sit and have a conversation with. I know the conversation would get deep and i would get GREAT advice and words of wisdom

R&B singer Tyrese credits Will Smith with changing his life form only one conversation. check out the video blow of some of Will's secrets to his success, advice and words of wisdom

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