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Meet Big House: Rapper, Singer/Songwriter From New Jersey

Big House is a New Jersey rapper, singer/songwriter who's into story telling picture painting type lyrics. "Letter 2 My Homies" is reminiscent of Nas "One Love" because House is writing to his friends behind bars.

This is not just another song bragging about jail life, House talks about leaving the drug game alone for the rap game (applause).

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FEATURED ARTIST: Tiger The Ace "Party"

Tiger The Ace is a young independent up & coming artist from West Virginia who has been making a name for himself on the West Virginia and North Carolina Hip Hop scene for some time now.

Tiger has been gaining attention and building a impressive fan following independently by doing shows and releasing several singles online including his current single "Party" & his music video for "In These Street" / The Letter.

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FEATURED ARTIST: Steven Q The Geek talks recording a mixtape while on duty in the Military

When i think of the Military... I think of war and every other dramatized image we have been taught to think of, the last thing i'm thinking is our soldiers are recording music... that is until i came across Philidelphia Native "Steven Q The Geek".

Steven, a talented 24 year old rapper stationed in Japan, who admittedly has a bit of a temper ended up in the military because he was getting into trouble in Philidelphia and facing possible jail time. Now living on a straight and narrow path... Steven decided to focus all of his energy on his true passion, Music... and has released his first mixtape "GarawgeBand Files Pt.1" hosted by DJ Cocoa Chanelle.

What made you want to put out a mixtape while being on duty in the military?

I’ve been in love with music since I saw Kriss Kross live as a kid. Music is my passion the military was my job.

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Meet Maleek Leggett: See why this unsigned 19 yr old singer/songwriter is being compared to Usher 

I was first put on to Maleek Legget, a unsigned Bronx New York native by my co-worker Vito one night at the radio station. Vito asked me to take a listen to this young 19 year old singer he's working with and give my opinion...

I listened to his music and remember instantly thinking "wow he's only 19 and sounds so polished"... then i asked "does he write"? that's when i was told he writes and records all of his own music... not only that, he produced the music as well... That's VERY impressive.

I was told Maleek was once signed to Atlantic Records but he was just sitting on the shelve. Letting Meleek go will be a mistake Atlantic will one day soon regret. I hear A LOT of potential in him, he's definitely very talent... a young Usher in the making and considering he's only 19... the sky is the limit for his future.

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Bay Area rapper T-Mazz talks new mixtape, owning a label and getting his Masters degree

At a time when it's Cool to be negative in Hip Hop it's so refreshing when a artist like Bay Area rapper T-Mazz comes along and proves through his actions that it's possible to set a positive example and still be "Cool" and make music that people will enjoy.

T-Mazz has gained my respect by managing to impress me in more ways than one... Not only is he a hard grinding artist with a humble spirit, he is the CEO of his own independent Label called "California Elevator Company" and he's a young educated Black man with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University and is currently within 6 months of Graduating with his Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University in Alameda Ca. (WOW)... now that's IMPRESSIVE!! Artist take notes!

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MIXTAPE: GQ (18 yr old from BK) "All Exits Are Final" Mixed & Hosted By DJ Cocoa Chanelle

Now days the average rapper who's respected for their lyrical ability is usually in their 20's... it's rare for a rapper who's only in their teens to have the same skill level when it comes to delivery & lyrics as someone who's over 21. GQ, a young 18 year old Brooklyn Native is definitely a exception who is about to raise the bar for every young rapper under 21 coming behind him.

When i first heard GQ i was feeling him, i didn't know he was only 18 til much later... when i found out his age, i was surprised. He's talented and He's a good representation for New York's new generation of up and coming artist.

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Rapper Flauce Flips Ace Hood "Hustle Hard" into a Remix About GOD and Kills It

This morning around 4am i decided to check my twitter, a rapper by the name of Flauce sent me music asking me to check it out (yup, i actually listen the new music i get).

I like the Ace Hood song "Hustle Hard" but there are a MILLION unofficial remixes out to it... so when i pressed play and heard the "Hustle Hard" beat come on, i almost pressed STOP but instead i let it play, i'm glad i did... Flauce's remix is the most Original remix of "Hustle Hard" i've heard so far. It's a Gospel remix about GOD that i'd bet if it played in the club people would still party to it like it's the original.

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Cash Flow

ARTIST: Cash Flow
SONG: Hush LiL Lady
LOCATION: Harlem, New York
PRODUCER: G.M.B "Good Money Brothers"
TWITTER: @therealcashflow

Cash Flow is a Independent artist from Harlem New York first brought to my attention by T Hall & RnB Singer Damon Ellis. This song "Hush Lil Lady" has been compared to Tupacs "Brenda's Got A Baby." I've said many times... I LOVE when a artist is not afraid to be creative and write about things that are not the usual topics that everyone else writes about.

In this video Cash gives us a realistic visual for what life is like for a abused pregnant teen. When asked what was his inspiration for the song Cash says "its based on a true story." Video Director MRM5 does a great job sticking to the story line, the video visually brings the lyrics to life. Check it out and let me know your opinion on Cash Flow.



ARTIST: Veltdro
SONG: Down And Out
LOCATION: Charleston West Virginia
FACEBOOK: @Veltdro

Veltdro is a Unsigned artist / Producer from Charleston West Virginia. In this song "Down And Out" Veltdro gives us a soulful sounding visual that takes us on a journey of what his life is like when he's down and out. When asked what was the inspiration for the song and video visuals... Veltdo says "I made this song/video for a friend that was going through A LOT at the time and i wanted to remind them we all in this together". Video Director Hun of DHGW Films visually sticks to the story line, especially with the water scene where Veltro goes to get a glass of water only to find out the water is shut off. Check it out and let me know your opinion on Veltdro.


100 Grand

ARTIST: 100 Grand
SONG: Carrie
LOCATION: Queens New York
TWITTER: @ThisIs100Grand

100 Grand is a Unsigned artist from Queens New York.. Very interesting visuals in this video Shot by director Shatek. In this Song 100 Grand tells the story of being "psycho" and a bit obsessed with a girl named Carrie. I decided to feature this song & video because it's different... its not the typical song concept with the typical video. I like when a artist does something "outside the box" that's unique and shows creativity. Let me know what you think about it.