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FEATURED ARTIST: Steven Q The Geek talks recording a mixtape while on duty in the Military

When i think of the Military... I think of war and every other dramatized image we have been taught to think of, the last thing i'm thinking is our soldiers are recording music... that is until i came across Philidelphia Native "Steven Q The Geek".

Steven, a talented 24 year old rapper stationed in Japan, who admittedly has a bit of a temper ended up in the military because he was getting into trouble in Philidelphia and facing possible jail time. Now living on a straight and narrow path... Steven decided to focus all of his energy on his true passion, Music... and has released his first mixtape "GarawgeBand Files Pt.1" hosted by DJ Cocoa Chanelle.

What made you want to put out a mixtape while being on duty in the military?
I’ve been in love with music since I saw Kriss Kross live as a kid. Music is my passion the military was my job.
How do you record?
I use GarageBand on my MacBook, I got a couple professional mics. I got some Beats by Dre too. I record in my sons room, he sleeps in my room any way.
What is it like being in the military while pursuing a rap career?
It was a complete conflict of interest. I sing to my self in my head all day, being in the military you are nothing but a body. No one special. I didn’t fight to leave where I was to leave the country and be a nobody.
What rappers are most popular on the military base where you are?
Wow, there are lots of southern people here, they like Gucci Mane, Drake, Lil Wayne etc. Japan is strange they listen to a little it of everything.
What rappers inspire you?
Black Thought, Joe Budden, Ghostface Killah, Beanie Sigel, Bun B. Theres a few out there.

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