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Bay Area rapper T-Mazz talks new mixtape, owning a label and getting his Masters degree

At a time when it's Cool to be negative in Hip Hop it's so refreshing when a artist like Bay Area rapper T-Mazz comes along and proves through his actions that it's possible to set a positive example and still be "Cool" and make music that people will enjoy.

T-Mazz has gained my respect by managing to impress me in more ways than one... Not only is he a hard grinding artist with a humble spirit, he is the CEO of his own independent Label called "California Elevator Company" and he's a young educated Black man with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University and is currently within 6 months of Graduating with his Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology from Argosy University in Alameda Ca. (WOW)... now that's IMPRESSIVE!! Artist take notes!

When most people think of rappers they instantly have a negative impression, T-Mazz is someone who's helping to break that negative stereotype... When asked how he feels about being a positive role model for young black men he replied...
It makes me feel really good to know that I'm being a positive role model for young black men. Growing up I remember having someone to look up to and it felt good. Young black men today need as much positive direction as they can get because the system is setup to trap us for life. I feel good doing my part for my culture and people and am ready to do as much as God allows me to do in order to bring forth some type of change.
"Owning my own label is not easy, but necessary" says T-Mazz, I feel it's necessary to think like a label and to market yourself like a major label markets their artist."

As if having a Degree and owning his own Record Company isn't impressive enough... i'm also impressed by the fact that he is the ONLY unsigned artist i know from another market who was able to book 7 shows back to back here in New York City.

Mixtape production credits go to Bennett Bricks, Nick Speed, DJ Rad, Ayiro, Decadez & Sega who all bring their A-Game to the table with beats that will appeal to the East Coast, West Coast & the South. Track #4 is radio friendly and 106 & park ready song that i'm sure the Ladies and Mixshow/Club DJ's will love called "Phone Sex" produced by the Bay Areas own Rawsmoov. I'm LOVIN the vibe on track #19 with the Al Green sample DJ Fresh used for "Cane & Harold".

I look up to artist like Kanye West, Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, J dilla, Notorious BIG, Diddy, 2 PAC, Dr. Dre, High Tech & Talib Kweli say T-Mazz, people can expect to hear a varity of feel good music. Street anthems, radio singles for ladies and clubs, soulful and hard melodic beats, substance he continues...

Check out the "1 Ticket Plz" Mixtape Hosted by me below and for more info on T-Mazz you can check out his TWITTER & Music Page on reverbnation

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