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Rapper Flauce Flips Ace Hood "Hustle Hard" into a Remix About GOD and Kills It

This morning around 4am i decided to check my twitter, a rapper by the name of Flauce sent me music asking me to check it out (yup, i actually listen the new music i get).

I like the Ace Hood song "Hustle Hard" but there are a MILLION unofficial remixes out to it... so when i pressed play and heard the "Hustle Hard" beat come on, i almost pressed STOP but instead i let it play, i'm glad i did... Flauce's remix is the most Original remix of "Hustle Hard" i've heard so far. It's a Gospel remix about GOD that i'd bet if it played in the club people would still party to it like it's the original.

Flauce is a rapper Originally from New Jersey and now lives in North Carolina. Before today i didn't know much of anything about him but after hearing his remix i decided to go do a lil research by pulling up his youtube videos & listening to his mixtape on Datpiff...

A admitted Big L fan, Flauce pays homage to L on the Mixtape in a tribute freestyle. His music is deep, lyrical emotional & surprisingly very STREET. I was expecting to hear Christian Rap, i do hear mentions of God several times but the mixtape is FAR from Gospel music. Like Tupac, A lot of his songs are inspiring in a way that the streets can relate to. At Certain points in the mixtape i get a flash back to 96' Jay Z.

Listening to his music i feel a connection (that's a good thing). There's something about this guy i like, He's definitely talented. I have a feelin about him, so much so i'm still up at 5:30am writing this Blog about him... Check out his "Hustle Hard" remix and definitely take some time to check out his Mixtape on Datpiff called "Take It Personal" accompined by the sharp hands of DJ Skillz... Flauce is Cocoa Approved!!

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