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Reem Cassanova: A Bronx MC shares his life pain through lyrics

written by @DjCocoaChenelle

Reem Cassanova, a Bronx native MC who has been called "one of the Hottest rappers in the street" by POWER 105's DJ Suss One.

Reem has been featured and co-signed by several respected mixtape Dj's such as DJ Superstar Jay, Cut Master C, DJ Kool Kid, and DJ Big Mike to name a few...

Those of you who know me know, one of my pet peeve's with some of today's artist is, everybody is rapping about the same thing... Models & Bottles, Money & Murder or the drug game... This is why when a artist (such as Reem) comes along with topics that are outside the norm, it always grabs my attention.... especially if the topics apply to their own life.

When I listened to the lyrics on Reem's "Living My Nightmare Wide Awake" Mixtape, I liked the fact that he has songs that speak about his own issues which happen to be the same issues that a lot of other Black men can relate to.

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Meet Rome Fortune: A Atlanta Standout Emcee with a signature sound

meet rome fortune a atlanta standout emcee with a signature sound
Since releasing his first mixtape "Beautiful Pimp" in 2013, Rome Fortune, a young 25 year old Emcee from Atlanta has been receiving praise from fans and cosigns from industry insiders such as DJ Skee, The Fader, Complex Magazine, Vibe Magazine and one of my Favorite Authors/Speakers Gary Vaynerchuck (to name a few).

Now he's back with the sequel "Beautiful Pimp 2" and it has a completely different vibe (in a good way).

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Meet BigStat: A Hip Hop Artist With Honest Lyrics And A TRUE Story To Tell

bigstat pain feat jordan myer written by @DjCocoaChenelle

Those of you who know me, know i LOVE when a artist speaks their truth, and has lyrics with meaning and a video with a storyline...

Connecticut rapper BigStat immediately grabbed my attention when i came across his video for "Pain" featuring Jordan Meyer on youtube.

The lyrics in this song have a authentic feel... It's a emotional song, a true story where BigStat vividly paints a picture of the pain he feels over the death of his mother (I can relate).

This is the type of music i call "Reality Rap", i wish more artist would express their own reality and make songs from the heart in this type of way.

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Music Video: Jordan Meyer "Rain"

new music video jordan meyer rain
It's no surprise to me that Jordan Meyer has a loyal fan base that continues to grow bigger with every song he releases.

Jordan is in a lane by himself. Not only is he a good singer with a lot of soul, he's a talented songwriter who makes HOT beats and produces his own music, as well as producing tracks for other artist... that within itself separates him from the rest.

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100 Grand "Schizophrenia" album free download (RE-POST)

rapper 100 grand releases album schizophrenia
When Nas said Hip Hop is dead... I actually agreed with him, however... through the internet i'm learning that Hip Hop is not dead at all, it's alive and well in the "internet streets" where many undiscovered talented and creative artist reside...

Which brings me to a talented lyricist from Queens New York by the name of 100 Grand who i featured on this site a few months ago.

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Meet Cyph aka El Dattio: See why some campare this young Brooklyn MC to Jay Z

Meet Cyph aka El Dattio: Find out why some campare this Brooklyn MC to Jay Z written by @DjCocoaChanelle

Cyph aka El Dattio is a talented young rapper from Brownsville Brooklyn who I was first introduced to by a producer friend of mine from Brooklyn name Monty Beatz (Producer that discovered Biggie Smalls)

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Meet AJ Rockafeller & Monopaly: The voice of a new generation (AUDIO)

Meet AJ Rockafeller & Monopaly: The voice of a new generation written by @DjCocoaChanelle

I love it when new artist who aren't afraid to be themselves cross my path.. AJ Rockafeller and Monopaly are two talented young rappers from New York brought to my attention by a mutual friend.

After paying a visit to their youtube channel to watch the video they had for their single "Let You Go"... I was impressed.

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Tiger The Ace releases new music video for "Party Heart" featuring Royal-Tee 

tiger the ace ft royal-tee
Tiger The Ace is back at it with a new Music Video for "Party Heart" featuring Royal-Tee directed by Donald Wilson of Black Collar Ent.

Tiger continues to create a buzz throughout the internet, feeding the streets by consistently releasing music and videos online.

This is my first time hearing Royal-Tee from East Charlotte North Carolina... I'm feeling him (nice voice & flow). Both Tiger and Royal-Tee did a good job lyrically remaking this Maybach Music song.

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D-Duce "The Healing Point" Mixtape

flowboy d-duce the healing point mixtape
D-Duce is a unsigned artist from the Bronx in New York who first came to my attention back during the Myspace era. He was really young back then (a teen), he sent me a very heartfelt message politely asking me if i could listen to his music.

I remember being very impressed by Duce for a few reasons, as a teen he had the lyrical skills of a grown man, he was very advanced for his age.

His lyrics and vibe had the feel of a "Old Soul" and his style and production was very East Coast Hip Hop during a time when just about EVERY artist from NY was trying to copy the south.

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Meet Lexx 9 Eleven: find out why this Queens Rapper is reminiscent of 50 Cent

lexx 9 eleven
Most of you know, i'm not a fan of rappers claiming the street life if they never actually lived it. I believe artist need to be authentic to themselves.

With that being said, Southside Jamaica Queens rapper Lexx 9 Eleven is reminiscent of 50 Cent. Having been shot twice, stabbed, hospitalized and incarcerated, Lexx is still alive and has overcome the many obstacles he faced over the years.

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