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President Obama shouts out Young Jeezy at the White House... good or bad move? 

president obama young jeezy
If you haven't already heard (you will)... President Obama caused a uproar this weekend when he "jokingly" shouted out Young Jeezy the "Snow Man" at a white house dinner.

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Young Jeezy concert-goer shot multiple times 

young jeezy concert
This is unfortunate... A Young Jeezy concert-goer was shot multiple times in Canada after a altercation took place at the show.

I hope the victim makes a full recovery. Unfortunately there's a great chance this incident will seriously affect Hip Hop shows being allowed in Canada.

Canada is not like the United States when it comes to shootings... They don't tolerate shootings and act like it's not a big deal.

There was 10 shooting murders in Toronto in 2011 compared to the over 500 shooting murders in New York City. The public in Canada have been active in getting strict gun laws. America needs to do the same.

Toronto Police are investigating a shooting early Thursday at a concert by American rapper Young Jeezy. Shots rang out at the Sound Academy around 12:30 a.m. sending hundreds of people fleeing from

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BMF member Bleu Davinci says Big Meech has issue with Young Jeezy 

BMF member Bleu Davinci did a interview with The Breakfast Club morning show and says Big Meech has a issue with Young Jeezy because Jeezy is using his name for street credibility but he isn't helping Meech with what he needs to get a appeal.

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SAD: Young Jeezy friend killed over Twitter beef 

A lot times if you mention the words "Twitter" and "Beef" in the same sentence, people will laugh and take it as a joke... but now days, it's not so funny any more. Black people are literally DYING in the street over twitter beef.

Young Jeezy spoke to VladTv about his good friend who was killed 3 weeks ago over Twitter beef. Jeezy says he doesnt take Twitter as a joke and explains how his friends death almost made him not want to use Twitter any more and it's the reason why he barely uses it.

I just lost a homeboy over twitter beef so I don’t think it’s a joke, not at all. R.I.P to Kev; He was a good kid. I lost my homeboy and I had to be in the hospital; I left the club and came to the hospital. I had to sit there with his mother and that’s why I tell you, to y’all

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Billboard announces Young Jeezy's first week album sales projections 

Billboard reports, Young Jeezy's Thug Motivation 103 first-week sales projections will place him at #3 on the charts this week, selling some where in the neighborhood of 200,000 to 250,000.

Industry sources project Michael Buble's "Christmas" album will sell around 400,000 to 450,000 copies by the end of the week, which should easily bump the title into second-place among 2011's best-sellers. Right behind him is,

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Young Jeezy feels President Obama didn't give him the love he deserves(VIDEO)

Jeezy is not too happy with Obama, he feels the President should show him love because he made the song "My Presidents Black" and helped bring awareness to youth back when Obama was campaigning.

I don't think a White House invite is happening any time soon for Jeezy. Obama got in trouble with the public & media for having a rapper like Common Sense there... what would happen if he brings Jeezy the "Snowman" a BMF affiliate? Bill Oreilly would have a field day on FOX News.

"I did felt a little played because I made the song to uplift what was going on and Dennis Miller and Bill O'Reilly, I felt kind of disrespected because everybody has a right to have an opinion but I felt like they tried to play me out like I was just some type of n*gga," Jeezy explained in an interview. "I was bigger than that, I 'am' bigger than that. You couldn't get them to go anywhere and 20,000 people recite every word they say. Nobody gives a f*ck what Dennis Miller says. I actually liked his show by the way, but I don't watch it anymore. You know what I mean? And the whole thing with Obama, I've seen the Lady Gagas and everybody come to the White House and I sit back and I say, 'D*mn, I really put in a lot of work. I really took the time out of what I was doing to really be down with the movement.' I just felt like the hand wasn't extended." (Young Jeezy)

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Young Jeezy Talks Love, Loyalty & Marriage 

Young Jeezy opened up about love, marriage and the type of women he's attracted to in a recent interview with necolebitchie.

You have professed several times over that you’re married to the game. Would you ever marry in real life?

It would take a lot. I was put here for a reason. It’s not like I get up and practice how to be Jeezy. I really live this life. And my career, my music, the game, that is my life. And for me to get married, I’d have to find somebody to ride with me. That takes a lot of balance. This is 24/8. I’m in the studio, or gone a lot. And not to mention that chicks dig me, so it’s hard to find that trust. More importantly, it’s hard to deal with somebody who’s already in love with something else.

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