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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Jay Z turns 42

Happily married with a baby on the way, what a great way to turn 42 :) Jay Z was a trending topic on Twitter today because today is his 42nd birthday. With all his many career accomplishments and family life... i'm sure Jay is in a good space at this time in his life.


Beyonce dances in the crowd while Jay Z performs at "Watch The Throne" concert (VIDEO)

No baby bump is gonna stop B from reppin for her baby Jay... Recently Beyonce was seen at the "Watch The Throne" concert in the crowd going HARD in the paint... bouncin and singing the lyrics while Jay performed.

Watching this video that a fan captured made me forget there was even a baby bump there... too cute, Go B!!!


Beyonce opens up about Jay Z relationship "We took our time and developed an unbreakable friendship"

In a recent interview with Bazaar Magazine Beyonce opened up about her relationship with Jay Z and shared details about how they built a bond before getting married...

On her feelings for Jay Z:

“We have been together since I was 20 years old,” she says. “We took our time and developed an unbreakable friendship before we got married. I admire his ability to inspire others. To me, Jay represents the American dream. Jay’s music has helped define our generation. All that he has overcome and worked to achieve gives millions hope that they can become whatever they want to be. I respect him so much; he is a great man and a great artist.”

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Beyonce talks being pregnant "God has blessed me with the biggest gift that any human being can have"

In this recent Beyonce interview, she talks about feeling the time was right to have a baby, she talks about Jay Z and needing to take a year off.

Is having a baby going to change your life?
Absolutely, it has already changed my life. My husband and I have been together for 10 years for all of my twenties-since I was 20 and we just feel like it’s time. I’m very grateful that God has blessed me with the biggest gift that any human being can have. I think because I’ve accomplished a lot of things for myself and I really know who I am. I didn’t rush into anything and I feel like if it’s any time, right now is the time and I’m so happy.
Michael Jackson was your inspiration?
Beyond. How old was I? Five years old and it was my first concert and it was his show and that night I decided my purpose. He’s the reason I do what I do, because I would have never experienced that magic if it wasn’t for him.

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Jay Z congratulates J Cole on debuting at #1 

Jay Z congratulated J Cole on his hard work and the success of his first album debuting at #1...

"J. Cole's success is testament to amazing artist development and Cole's hard work," Jay-Z said, via press release. "I want to congratulate him on a #1 album and more importantly a great body of work." Cole's first solo album, which he's been meticulously working on for the past five years, has sold 218,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan. "Cole World: the Sideline Story" marks the first time a solo act's debut effort has entered at No. 1 since May 14, 2010. Mark Pitts, President of Urban Music, Sony / JIVE Records and CEO, Bystorm Entertainment and Cole's manager, lent praise as well, "J Cole personifies humility and grace with edge and depth. As an MC, his point of view speaks to and represents me. I'm proud and blessed to be a part of his journey!" (Billboard)

ALBUM SALES: J Cole, Lil Wayne Jay Z & Kanye, Beyonce, 9th Wonder and more...

SOHH Reports... Leading the pack this week is J. Cole's Cole World: The Sideline Story debuting at No. 1. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the North Carolina rap newcomer's long-awaited debut album has sold 217,300 copies after seven days in stores.

Famed music singer Tony Bennett's Duets II, which features an Amy Winehouse collaboration, fell three slots to No. 4 with 91,100. After two weeks in stores, his latest offering has sold 270,400 pieces.

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV fell two positions to No. 7 with 67,700. After five weeks of availability, Weezy's newest solo LP has sold 1,452,500 records.

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J Cole SHOCKS music industry with impressive album sales, he's set to debut at #1 on Billboard

Congratulations to Roc Nation recording artist J Cole. According to hitsdailydouble, based on the 1 day sales report, J Cole is on pace to debut at #1 on sound scan with very good numbers that has everyone even the record company in shock.
The album, which features collaborations with his mentor, as well as Trey Songz, Drake and Missy Elliott, has surpassed even label expectations with prospects of a sales total approaching 225-250k its first week. Cole had steadily built a following with a trio of well-received mixtapes, including last year’s Friday Night Lights. (Hits Daily Double)

VIDEO: Jay Z announces the "Brooklyn Nets" and several concerts at the new Brooklyn arena on FOX news

This is sooo BIG and such a HUGE look for Brooklyn and a good look for Hip Hop period. Jay Z did a press conference today to announce the "New Jersey Nets" name has now officially been changed to the "Brooklyn Nets"... He also says he will perform several concerts to open the Nets arena.

They also announced they will be selling “all-access” passes to the team’s VIP lounge. The VIP passes, will go for around $15k will give you backstage access to Jay Z’s concerts.

Can you imagine the turn out for a Jay Z concert at a arena in Brooklyn??? ZOOOOO!!!


VIDEO: Beyonce talks motherhood & Jay Z "My husband and I have been together for 10 years"

How did you come with the idea to reveal your pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs?
I dreamt it actually. There were so many rumors about me being pregnant every three months for the past couple of years. I thought the best way and the classiest way was to just show it. My husband and I have been together for ten years so I guess people felt apart of it and it makes me feel really good.
On Jay-Z’s reaction
I couldn’t see that in real life but I did see it on a bunch of TV specials. I couldn’t escape it, so it was nice.
On what this year means to her
You know I just feel like I’ve been through everything in my life is all for right now. Hopefully life will continue to get better and I’ll continue to get stronger and be an incredible mother.



Ice-T disses Rick Ross & Lil Wayne "Rick Ross stole a n*ggas name, who the f*ck are you really?"

Rapper Ice-T had some not so nice words about Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, He basically called them liars and frauds, some also feel he's throwing a jab at Jay Z, but i'm not gonna co-sign that, Ice didn't say Jay's name and he's never been one to throw subliminals, if he's talking about you, he'll say your name.
“That’s fake,” Ice-T blurts out. “Rick Ross stole a n****’s name. I call him ‘Identity Crisis.’ He thinks he’s [Freeway] Rick Ross, he thinks he’s Larry Hoover, he thinks he’s Big Meech, he thinks he’s MC Hammer, he thinks he’s Tupac. Like, who the f*ck are you really, dude?”
“When we rapped about dope— me, Snoop and everybody—it was like we doin’ it because we GOT to. Now these n***** is actin’ like it’s somethin’ that’s FUN. It’s so easy to fantasize about it. To actively do it? That’s a whole ‘nother f*ckin’ thing.
“Rap is pop right now. Q-Tip said, ‘Rap is not pop. If you call it that, then stop.’ Rap was a counterculture that went against pop. But when you have Rihanna singin’ on your records and you’re doin’ records with Katy Perry, that’s no longer rap. It’s pop music, pop using rap delivery. When you hear Lil Wayne sayin’ ‘I got a chopper in the car,’ you go, ‘Yeah, right you do.‘” (Ice-T)

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