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VIDEO: Rapper Tom Gist gives surprise proposal to long time girlfriend

rapper tom gist gives surprise proposal to long time girlfriend
Wow... Cupid strikes again... Move over Jay Z and Beyonce, Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys... there's a new Hip Hop couple in town.

Former Dipset affiliate Rapper Tom Gist surprised his long time girlfriend (the mother of his 2 children) when he popped the question and asked her to marry him in the middle of her birthday party.

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Foxy brown talks Jay Z, being abused, losing hearing, dating Haitian Jack & more with The Combat Jack Show [Audio]

Foxy brown talks Jay Z, being abused, losing hearing, dating Hatian Jack & more with The Combat Jack Show [audio] written by @DjCocoaChanelle

There's no denying that Foxy Brown is one of the BEST female rappers to ever do it...

Back in the days her lyrics put a lot of dudes to shame. She was so good that most people forgot that she was only a baby in high school when she became famous.

Over the years I've heard Foxy do many radio interviews, but i have to say... this interview with the Combat Jack Show is the most in depth, open and honest that I've heard.

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The White House reacts to Jay Z's new Song, denies lyrics are true

the white house reacts to jay z new song denies lyrics are true
Sheeeeesh... You know you're a big deal in the world when the White House reacts to your song hours after the release. Now if we could only get this type of response time when it comes to dealing with the murder rate in Chicago i would be happy.

Anyway.... The White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says Jay Z's lyrics in his new song "Open Letter" where he talks about having clearance from the White House to go to Cuba with Beyonce are fabricated...

He denies The White House gave clearance for the Cuba trip... He said the Treasury Department handles that.

"It's a song," he said. "The president did not communicate with Jay-Z over this trip." "I am absolutely saying that the

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Jay Z drops NEW song "Open Letter" produced by Swizz Beatz & Timbaland

jay z drops new song open letter produced by swizz beatz timbaland

Jay Z is sick & tired of the media attacks on him.... He's especially tired of them talking about his trip to Cuba with Beyonce for their wedding anniversary...

He's says the REAL focus needs to be on the fact that North Korea has bombs pointed at us (my words not his) but you get the point.

“Y’all buy that bullshit. Y’all better keep y’all receipt. Obama said chill you gonna get me impeached, You don’t need this shit anyway. You can chill with me on the beach. Would have brought the Nets to

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Jay Z performs LIVE at Jermaine Dupri 20th So So Def Anniversary concert

jay z performs live at jermaine dupri 20th so so def anniversary concert
In Hip Hop, as years pass and new artist and producers emerge... sometimes people forget the legacy of the greats....

There are a lot of stars from Atlanta, but NOBODY has ever done it the way Jermaine Dupri has done it.

In celebration of So So Def's 20th year anniversary, Jermaine had a MAJOR concert that included performances from

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Beyonce Super Bowl TV ratings revealed

Ok... Between the "Mrs Carter Show" tour announcement and the Super Bowl performance excitement, It's truly a Beyonce world right now.

The TV ratings are in and Beyonce pulled in between

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Beyonce announces The "Mrs Carter Show" World Tour

King B is on fire right now... Last night she KILLED the Super Bowl, She has a Documentary airing on HBO coming up, and now this?

Beyonce (i mean) Mrs Carter just announced her World Tour titled "The Mrs Carter Show"... Now that's what i call reppin your husband

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Dame Dash talks being young & insecure during Rocafella era and being proud of Jay Z & Kanye (VIDEO)

dame dash talks being young insecure during rocafella era and being proud of jay z
Dame Dash had a interesting interview with Russell Simmons Global Grind website. In the interview some interesting question came up.

He was very honest about himself (Rocafella Dame). The topic of him being in all Jay Z video's back in the days dancing, poppin bottles and being flashy came up. Dame says he was in his 20's back then and he was insecure and needed to be in front of the camera so everyone could see he was the man.

He says now, being a

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LIVE STREAM: Watch Jay Z LIVE with President Obama at the last rally 

watch jay z live with president obama at the last rally
Watch President Obama's finally rally LIVE as it happens in Ohio with Jay Z.

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Jay Z launches new Life + Times Youtube Channel. gives special surprise to fans

jay z launches new life + times youtube channel gives special surprise to fans
Jay Z continues to make moves... Today a announcement was made that Jay is launching a new youtube channel (Life + Times) that will run like a real TV network.

According to Rolling Stone.. Jay-Z partnered up with IconicTV, a company that will run the channel like a television network with video content including a Brooklyn Nets series called The Road to Brooklyn, the fan-interaction show Roc Nation Check-In and Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn, about the British supermodel.

Jay has a special gift for his fans who couldn't attend 1 of his 8 Brooklyn concerts... Jay will

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