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Chrissy & Jim Jones reality show season premiere (full episode)

chrissy and jim jones reality show season premiere
They say... sometimes in life, when a person gets what they want, they no long want it. Judging by the first episode of Chrissy & Mr Jones... this seems to be the case.

After 8 years of being together and proposing to Jim Jones, Chrissy now feels sheeeeee's the one not ready to walk down the aisle.

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Vibe Magazine labels Reality stars Evelyn, Chrissy, Tamar & Kandi role models 

vibe magazine cover with evelyn kanji tamar chrissy
Vibe Magazine is causing a MAJOR uproar today with the release of this new cover.

The cover features features Evelyn (Basketball Wives), Chrissy (Love & Hip Hop), Tamar Braxton (The Braxtons) & Kandi (Housewives of ATL) and labels them as role models.

Considering theres all bad girls on the cover, Kandi kinda sticks out like a sore thumb... She's a good girl... I'm wondering if they really wanted NeNe, but she wasn't available?

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Chrissy to Yandy "b*tch you on my show, b*tch bow down" (VIDEO)

chrissy dissing yandy
Hmmmmm, and the saga continues... this footage explains the real reason for the tension between Yandy and Chrissy.

According to Chrissy, Yandy and Mona Scott (show producer), Yandy was brought on the show to be Jim Manager ONLY (that's it), but they expanded her role and Chrissy became uncomfortable with what was going on.

Yandy says Jim called her and asked her to quit the show because

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Love & Hip Hop Season 2 Episode 5 super trailer (VIDEO) 

Ok, looks like we're in for another interesting episode of my guilty pleasure "Love & Hip Hop". The show was a repeat this past week, but a new episode, episode #5 will air next Monday. In the meantime here's a video trailer of the upcoming show that shows us the highlights of what's to come.

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Jim Jones offers to give his fiancĂ© Chrissy HALF his pay check (VIDEO) 

In tonights episode of Love & Hip Hop Jim Jones decides Chrissy needs a career ASAP to help occupy her time before she ends up killing somebody (Yandy). Jim offers to bring Chrissy in on a clothing line deal he has, he says Chrissy can help him design for the line and he'll pay her HALF of his check.

Jim also goes in on his Ex-Manager Yandy and says she lacks common sense. His exact words were... "she's stupid as a motherf*cker"... he also stands up to his Mom about making diss records about Chrissy.

Emily and Kimbella have a meeting about Fab (AGAIN)... sheeesh, Honestly, i'm getting tired of that Fab, Kimbella & Emily storyline. It's time to move on. If Emily is starting a new life without Fab, then the storyline should focus on that.

Olivia and her manager Rich Dollars talk about how Olivia's career doesn't sam to be moving and no record companies want to sign her to a record deal.. her manager feels if something doesn't happen fast, it might be time to consider getting 9 to 5's...

watch the trailer below. Let me know your thoughts.

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Love & Hip Hop Chrissy & Kimbella fight, Juelz Santa baby mom reveals she dated Fabolous (video)

VH1 reality show Love and Hip Hop season 2 debuted last night and was nothing short of DRAMA from beginning to end. Dipset member Juelz Santana Baby moms Kimbella is on the show and she revealed she dated Fabolous (Emily's sons father) while Emily was pregnant (yikes).

More details and video footage after the jump....

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VH1 Love & Hip Hop Reunion Show Recap & Clips 

The Love & Hip Hop reunion show hosted by Angie Martinez aired last night and it was very interesting to say the least. The show was filled with a lot of angry emotions, tears, arguments & walk-offs. Jim didn't have his engagement ring on, Chrissy wasn't too happy about that. Mama Jones and Chrissy got into it (again) which lead to mama jones, Jim & Chrissy walking off stage.

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VH1 Love & Hip Hop star Chrissy talks relationship with Jim Jones, marriage delay & mama Jones

As most of you already know, VH1 Love & Hip Hop Reality TV personality Chrissy proposed to long time boyfriend Jim Jones in a recent episode... Chrissy sat down with VH1 to discuss her feelings on the marriage delay.

"it's frustrating because if i were to pack my things and leave he'd be sick, i mean, i'd be sick too but i'd do it because i don't wanna force anything... he's got a little time to get his stuff together."-Chrissy


SPOILER ALERT: Jim Jones reaction to chrissy's proposal on VH1's Love & Hip Hop (VIDEO)

Today i watched the clip of Love & Hip hop that has the scene we ALL been waiting for.... Chrissy's proposal to Jim Jones and Jim's reaction and Mama Jones reaction also. As much as i enjoy watching this clip i have to wonder... why did VH1 chose to leak it? this is the part of the show EVERYBODY is waiting for, i wouldve made people wait so i could get the TV ratings, but either way, i'm glad they released, lol..

MY THOUGHTS: A lot of People keep bringing up the fact that Jim didn't say the word YES! Maybe he didn't say YES in the traditional way most women would answer a marriage proposal, but keep in mind, he's not a woman. His "I'm with cha" response is his manly way of saying yes.

For some reason people tend to HATE on Jim being with Chrissy (Big Time), the hate has been obvious since before the 1st episode even aired. People feel she's not good for him. My opinion is this... Who is anyone to say weather Chrissy is good for Jim? Do you see that smile in that mans EYES every time he looks at her? Well... if you haven't noticed it, i have! He has the look of LOVE & HAPPINESS every time he looks at her.

At the end of the day, how HE feels about her is all that matters. If she makes him happy (which clearly she does), who cares what anyone else thinks? Maybe he was "afraid" to propose first because of all the hate from others, who knows, but i do know this... "The eyes don't lie"... that man is in love (case closed)! everyone who is hating needs to move on!!