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Anderson Cooper addresses Star Jones diss (VIDEO)

anderson cooper adress star jones diss
Anderson Cooper is one of the most genuine people on TV, I've been a fan of his ever since i saw how he handled the Katrina story.

Not only is he a classy person with morals... he has a good heart and cares about people. Why anyone would want to attack his character is beyond me.

Star Jones went on TV and accused him of coming out the closet about being gay, just to get ratings for his show...

I'm one of those people who thinks everything is a publicity stunt, but i

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Nicki Minaj curses Mariah Carey out during American Idol taping (video)

nicki minaj curses mariah carey out during american idol taping

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey are at each others throats on the American Idol set, and the Top executives of the show are NOT happy about it.

When i first heard about this, my first thought was "is this a publicity stunt for ratings?"... But Apparently, Someone securely taped Nicki spazzing on Mariah at the judges table during a audition.

Reportedly, it got so heated that they had to cancel the rest of the auditions for the day so Nicki & Mariah could calm down.

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Ashanti drops new relationship song featuring R Kelly "That's What We Do"

ashanti drops new relationship song featuring r kelly thats what we do
Ashanti is back with a new relationship song called "That's What We Do" featuring R. Kelly. She looks beautiful on the cover...

In the song Ashanti makes it clear that if you are her man she will be going through your pockets and checking your phone for no reason just to see if you cheating. She also said you can forget hanging out with the fellas because she gets jealous and is not having it (Sheeeeesh).

Then R.Kelly verse comes in with some more dysfunctional lyrics... He's says that if his lady wants to

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Keyshia Cole and Husband Boobie explain how they met and fell in love

keyshia cole and husband boobie explain how they met and fell in love
I LOVE a good love story :) Especially when it happens to someone like Keyshia Cole who was hurt in her past relationship and wasn't looking for love.

Keyshia and her Husband Boobie (NBA player for Cleveland Cavaliers) are on the cover of Jet Magazine... They are a beautiful couple. He's young (26) but seems to be a very good Husband and father.

He has a beautiful spirit. And he’s not afraid to love publicly. I think our Black men are afraid to love publicly, and I’m not a fan of that.

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Bow Wow is the new host of 106 & Park 

Wow... this is a unexpected turn of events. I actually didn't see this one coming.

Congrats to Bow Wow... He's officially 1 of the NEW host of BET's 106 & Park. Bow sent out the following tweet:

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BET Awards drama... Rick Ross & Jeezy. Gunplay & 50 Cent (video)

bet awards drama rick ross and jeezy gunplay and 50 cent
I don't know where to begin with all the madness that's been going on over the weekend at the BET Hip Hop awards.

Rick Ross & Jeezy got into it... and 50 Cent and Gunplay (Rick Ross Artist) got into it, Gunplay he was jumped.

Video footage of what appears to be the aftermath of the jeezy and Rick Ross scuffle has surfaced. There's so much confusion, it's hard to tell what's going on. It shows Rick Ross shirtless... A mirror was broken, and there's a lot of

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Chrissy & Jim Jones reality show season premiere (full episode)

chrissy and jim jones reality show season premiere
They say... sometimes in life, when a person gets what they want, they no long want it. Judging by the first episode of Chrissy & Mr Jones... this seems to be the case.

After 8 years of being together and proposing to Jim Jones, Chrissy now feels sheeeeee's the one not ready to walk down the aisle.

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Meet BigStat: A Hip Hop Artist With Honest Lyrics And A TRUE Story To Tell

bigstat pain feat jordan myer written by @DjCocoaChenelle

Those of you who know me, know i LOVE when a artist speaks their truth, and has lyrics with meaning and a video with a storyline...

Connecticut rapper BigStat immediately grabbed my attention when i came across his video for "Pain" featuring Jordan Meyer on youtube.

The lyrics in this song have a authentic feel... It's a emotional song, a true story where BigStat vividly paints a picture of the pain he feels over the death of his mother (I can relate).

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Mitt Romney hidden video exposes his REAL opinion of low income americans

mitt romney hidden video exposes his real opinion of low income americans
President Obama received a early Christmas present with the surface of this shameful hidden cam video of Mitt Romney....

If you wasn't afraid of Romney getting in office before, you should be VERY afraid now... Well, maybe not, i think this video will finish his chances of winning this election.

In the video, recorded at a $50,000 per plate private fundrasier, you can clearly hear how Romney has

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Usher talks to Oprah (Full interview)

usher talks to oprah
Oprah had a exclusive interview with Usher that should answer all your questions. He admitted cheating on Tameka. He discussed his divorce and why the marriage ended... He admitted that he did sleep with the bridesmaid after they broke up (yikes).

Oprah asked Usher's mother how she

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