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Justin Bieber says Kanye doesn't use the phone at all, he only communicates through email

in recent seperate interveiews Kanyes artist Big Sean and pop sensation Justin Bieber spoke about the fact that Kanye doesn't use or own a cell phone, he only emails.
"He's such a cool guy, and he's just really laid back and just nice, and at the end of the day, he's just a nice person...It's funny, because he doesn't even use a phone; he just sends e-mail. It's so crazy. I'm like, 'How can you not use a phone?'" -Justin Bieber (MTV)
"Strictly e-mail, man," Sean told SOHH when asked if e-mail was Ye's primary means of contact. "Strictly through e-mail. But when he's with somebody, you gotta call the person he's with. He's a weird guy like that. Shout-out to Kanye. [laughs] He's always been accessible, you know, sometimes it's harder to get into contact with him than other times but he's always there to the people he loves and his fam, he's always there." -Big Sean (SOHH)

50 Cent stops by Conan's show for a chat... talks twitter & explains why he named his dog Oprah

50 Cent stopped by the Conan show dressed to impress in a suit to promote his new wireless headphone line "Sleek By 50". It's funny how Conan kept calling him "Fiddy Cent" instead of "50 Cent" (he was dead serious not joking)... i notice that a lot grown media people who i'm sure normally would never pronounce the word 50 that way tend to pronounce his name Fiddy Cent instead of 50 to try and sound Hip (lol)... its hilarious because it makes them sound even more akward. 50 talks about tweeting and explains why he named his dog Oprah.
"at first i thought Oprah Winfrey did like Hip Hop so i didnt like her and i hadn't had a chance to meet her so i felt it was wrong to hate someone you haven't had a chance to meet, so i bought the dog so now i love Oprah, she listens to me and everything."


Ted Williams (former homeless man) is back on his feet. Explains leaving rehab & Dr Phil pimping him

Our boy Ted is back, looking GREAT and he's back on speaking terms with his kids! After he left rehab i wondered what would come of him... in this recent interview with the CBS Morning Show Ted explains why he left Rehab, how he felt forced into it and how he basically felt pimped by Dr Phil. He expresses his gratitude to Dr Phil but says he wasn't feeling Dr Phil making him do live call in's on his show during rehab (SMH) he seems to be doing well and in good spirit and in the rehab of his choice with other voiceover professionals.

MY THOUGHTS: Dr Phil should be ashamed of himself for the way he handled this Ted Williams situation. I was disgusted with him making Ted call in live to the Dr Phil show while he was in rehab and suppose to be rehabilitating.... as a trained professional Dr Phil should be ashamed of himself for pretending to care meanwhile he's using Ted at his worse moment to get TV ratings... No wonder Ted left rehab early... I don't blame him. I'm glad him and his kids are healing their relationship. I'm still rooting for Ted! Check him out looking sharp in this interview.


Former Bad Boy artist Black Rob speaks... "I'm not 2nd to Rick Ross", "Bad Boy left me for Dead" 

In a recent interview Former Bad Boy recording artist Black Rob expressed his anger towards Bad Boy for their lack of support for him while he was locked up....
"Once I caught my bid - or whatever the case may be, [Bad Boy Records] was like 'F*ck you. We're gonna use Black Rob as a springboard for this [Notorious B.I.G. Duets album] - which flopped by the way -- but it wasn't Biggie's fault. It was just a point where they said 'F*ck The Black Rob Report -- Bad Boy left me for dead. It wasn't like I needed money or anything from anybody. I had money - still got money. It wasn't a money thing...They did nothing to keep my name alive. They took me off their website, just left me for dead...I'm not second to [Rick] Ross, I'm not second to Red Cafe, I'm not second to Nicki Minaj. Nobody. I'm BR. That's it, n*gga!" (Future iMag) SOHH


Baby C drops new mixtape and explains how he built a loyal following without management or a label

With record deals becoming more and more scarce, the trend of unsigned artist creating their own fan following without the help of a Record Company is becoming the way to go. It's not a easy task which is why i'm always intrigued by unsigned artist who manage to pull this off successfully.

I've been aware of Baby C for a few years now. One thing about this young Dallas Texas rapper that i immediately noticed is... he has a very positive attitude and he is a music hustler/grinder to the TENTH POWER!!! With NO management team and NO record company behind him, Baby C is a one man show who has managed to build up a "loyal" following that even has HOT 97s Funk Master Flex asking about him in New York. "It's just me and the fans" says Baby C.

What is it about this unsigned artist that has almost a million people clicking on his youtube videos, over 40,000 people following him on twitter and thousands of people downloading his new Mixtape "Billionaire Gang" within hours of it's release?

When asked How did he build up such a Loyal twitter following? Baby C says...
"Shoutout To ALL The Supporters!! PERIOD! They Been Riding and Following Me and Thats A BLESSING. I Got A Strong Myspace, Facebook & Youtube Following Which Lead To Twitter!! I Have Words of Wisdom I Post on My Twitter Which Keeps More and More New Followers Interested!"
When asked what can you expect on his current Mixtape he says
"You Can Expect A Mix of Party Joints, The Club Feel, Sound & Songs You Can Ride To and Relate To! Just A Good Feel of Music! ALL Original Material. Hope You All Like It As Much As I Enjoy Recording This Piece!!"
Download Baby C mixtape HERE or visit him on twitter @iambabyc

UPDATE 6/9/11: At the time of this article (a few months ago) Baby C had about 40,000 twitter followers, now he's up to almost 100,000.... Go Baby C!!!! :)


Dame Dash speaks on independent artist having bigger followings than most signed artist 

In this clip Dame Dash talks about being older and evolving. He talks about independent artist doing sold out shows and being more popular than pop artist you hear on the radio. He also speaks on his new label Bluroc and signing New Orleans rapper Currency.
"Some people only listen to Hot 97... and don't know anything about some of these good artists that are doing shows on a daily basis in front of the masses." I'm seeing people that aren't in popular music living a rock [star] life. I think it is popular right now to be independent or a boutique and to have good music with instrumentation because I see it at the festivals. So to me what people think is popular ain't as popular as what they think. I think sometimes Pop music pretends to be winning when its not."
MY THOUGHTS: I actually have to agree with Dame on this one... it's a conversation i have had with several rappers who are on the come up. My advice to them is.. forget about how people got signed 5-10 years ago... pay attention to what's going on right now. look at how artist are creating their own buzz and getting HUGE fan bases without a label behind them. Drake, Nicki Minaj, j electronica, Wiz Khalifa, Soulja Boy, Lil B, Wale...etc What do all these artist have in common? all of them were VERY hot, had a HUGE followings and selling out shows before they had record deals or radio play, i think Lil B is still unsigned but if you look at his sold out show footage you would swear he was a platinum rapper signed to a Major Label and has radio play. Check out the Dame Dash interview below...


Rick Ross signs popular Philly rapper Meek Mill

Rick Ross is on a signing spree, first he welcomed Baltimore rapper Wale to Maybach Music and now Philly rapper Meek Mill joins the family


T-Pain says he is planning to leak his own album before the hackers do it.

"Since nobody wants to respect this form of art that you all say we “love” so much, I’m just gonna go ahead and start leakin the album myself tonight. well maybe I shouldn’t rant but everybody was lookin at me strange when I said I didn’t wanna drop my album, it’s not that album sales weren’t doin good for hip hop and rnb, it just felt like no one respected “music” anymore." -T-Pain


I really have a hard time understanding why a BILLION dollar industry can not resolve the album leaking problem in 2011... in my opinion it's really simple. there is a obvious pattern here, every album leaks 2 weeks before the album drops, now the question is.... who has a copy of the album 2 weeks before it drops? The Artist, the label, the recording studio (maybe) the mastering studio and the Pressing Plant... one of them is the culprit. it's not rocket science. I'm not too convinced on the whole "Hacker" theory.

A couple years ago a friend of mines paid for a audio book and tried to forward me a copy as a gift to download for FREE. guess what? no matter how hard i tried the file had a protective LOCK on it and could not be downloaded unless i paid for it or went through other measures that the average music buyer has no access to... this tells me that the technology to help prevent audio leaking does exist but for whatever reason the Music industry is choosing to not use it.


Cathy Hughes (TV One) upset Monique & Halle Berry received Ocars for Precious & Monsters Ball


Texas Court decides Steve Harvey's EX Wife Mary lied about "almost" everything she said on youtube


Bobbie Edmonds, Steve’s lawyer, released a statement about how a Texas court decided to handle this ‘situation.’

In addition to Mary possibly facing charges for violating a gag order, yesterday the court decided on 7 crucial points in Mary’s accusations:

(1) Mary Harvey was not homeless or evicted from her home and was awarded 3 homes in the property settlement;

(2) Steve Harvey did not take, withhold or turn the child against Mary;

(3) Mary Harvey willingly placed the child on an airplane and sent him to Mr.Harvey without his knowledge;

(4) Steve Harvey has primary custody of the 13-year-old child;

(5) Steve Harvey did not take Mary Harvey’s wealth. Mary recieved $40,000 per month from 2005 – 2009;

(6) Mary Harvey recieved $1.5 million from Steve in March 2009;

(7) The divorce was granted on irreconcilable differences and current wife was not apart of the original divorce proceeding, nor was she the cause of the marital break-up.

The document goes on to say that Mary should basically keep quiet if she doesn’t want to get into some serious legal drama. SEE FULL DOCUMENT