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New App Exposes People With Fake Twitter Followers

twitter follow me bird written by @DjCocoaChanelle

Jay Z once said "Numbers don't lie". Guess what? In 2012, numbers DO lie, especially when it comes to Twitter.

Today, some people are shaking in their boots in fear of being exposed by a new app called statuspeople that allows you to check any Twitter account to see how many followers are fake (YIKES).

I've known about the fake purchased followers thing for a while now, so when i heard about this App... i must admit, i was pretty interested in giving it a test run to check out a few accounts i always felt was suspect **raises eyebrow**.

Incase you're wondering what is a "Fake Twitter Follower" and WHY on earth would a person pay money for fake followers? I'll explain.

Have you ever seen a artist, DJ, producer, model, politician or any wanna-be public figure who has ZERO buzz... yet some how this person has thousands of twitter followers? Somewhere in the back of your mind you're thinking "hmmmmm, something ain't right here".

If you've ever had a hunch like that about someone, chances are... you're right and there's some funny business going on with that persons twitter account.

When a person buys followers, the followers are not actual human accounts... they are computer generated robot accounts. Some of the paid for followers might be humans but, they don't follow you by choice... some how they magically end up following you without ever hitting the follow button.
Why would a person want fake twitter followers?
Because we live in a society that seems to put soooo much emphasis on NUMBERS & popularity.... especially in the entertainment industry.

For instance... a new unsigned rapper (with a small amount of twitter followers) might be the most talented rapper in the world, but no one will give him/her a chance. Why is that? because, Unfortunately A&R's don't care about talent any more... they care about NUMBERS!

If that rappers twitter, youtube & facebook numbers are low, he/she can forget about getting a record deal offer from anyone until he/she gets their numbers up....

The thought of that scares a lot of artist... so instead of building a following the organic way, they PAY for useless fake followers. The sad part is... These dummies (i mean) A&R's are so clueless that they assume ALL numbers are real, therefore they start signing and showing interest to the artist with the most numbers, regardless if that artist has any real talent or not.

Take a local DJ or Model who's looking for work in the nightclubs. Club promoters are looking at the amount of twitter followers they have, why? because today's promoters are too lazy to get out there and hustle to promote there own parties like the REAL promoters did back in the days... so they assume if a Model or DJ has a lot of followers on twitter... the model or DJ can do the promotions for them... SMH!

Statuspeople.com claims to work best with accounts that only have 10,000 followers or less (ahhhh shucks)... that's useless to me, i wanted to check accounts that have 100,000+ followers.

Any whoo, i decided to conduct my own test, so i went to statuspeople.com and checked my friends page. My friend only has 20 followers (he's not really into twitter) all his followers are family and real close friends.

when i typed in his screen name, the app gave me a very inaccurate report. it said 7% of my friends followers were fake... i know for a FACT that isn't true, i personally know every single follower he has, and they are ALL legit.

My conclusion is... I'm not sold on this site. they need to improve, i do like this concept.... maybe someone will come up with a better version of it that actually works accurately... until then, we'll have to keep wondering who's real and who's out here "faking the funk".

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