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Rhymefest talks Chief Keef and the state of Hip Hop

What kinda world do we live in when a person who speaks out against violence in our community is considered a hater, meanwhile those who promote death and destruction are praised and put on a pedesal? Welcome to Hip Hop in 2012!!

Chicago rapper Rymefest (co-writer of Kanye's Jesus Walks) has been catching some slack lately for a very controversial yet clever and truthful blog post he wrote regarding the promotion of negative imagery in Hip Hop.

He speaks about Chicago's most popular new rapper, Chief Keef who currently has a very strong buzz and just signed to a deal with Interscope Records...
"Chief Keef is a "Bomb", he represents the senseless savagery that white people see when the news speaks of Chicago violence. A Bomb has no responsibility or blame, it does what it was created to do; DESTROY! Notice, no one is talking about the real culprits, the Bomb maker or the pilot who is deploying this deadly force (Labels, Radio Stations) (Rhymefest via DonnieNicole).
Rhymefest spoke about how the music industry uses artist like Keef and others like him to help further their agenda to destroy young minds.

Some people have praised Rhymefest for his honesty, while others are calling him a "hater"... i disagree those who call him a hater... There is a difference in being a HATER and being TRUTHFUL. If you feel he's being a hater, chances are, you're misinterpreting the words written in the blog.

Before you all go on a Rhymefest attack... please READ his words, RE-read (if Necessary) so you can grasp the message he's conveying to us.

Also... keep these 2 things in mind...

1) Both Rhymefest and Chief Keef are from Chicago

2) so far in 2012, Chicago has had 228 black on black murders take place, including 45 people shot and 8 murdered in ONE weekend.

To put this in perspective... 144 soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan in 2012... so basically, more black people have been killed in Chicago this year than in the war. How crazy is that?
Rhymefest writes...

Its easier to blame the bomb. Bombs are not chosen for their individual talents, they are tools used for collateral damage. To think of the persona of Chief Keef as a person would be the first mistake, he will more then likely come and go without us knowing much of anything about his personal pains, struggles, great loves and ambitions beyond rap. He is a spokesman for the Prison Industrial Complex.

Every corporation is expected to grow at least 4% each quarter, many prisons are privately owned with stock being traded on the open market. If these corporations were to do commercials, jingles and promotions who would they hire? You got it, most of the main stream rappers we salivate over like Rick Ross the former correctional officer turned Drug Lord Boss rapper.

Waka Flocka Flame gang bang "GO HARD IN THE PAINT" and Chief Keef the newest lottery pick in the "Get paid to destroy young minds, like we destroyed yours" Sweepstakes. [sic]" (Rhymefest via Donnie Nicole)

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