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Mary J Blige talks Burger King commercial "it showed me who my friends are" 

mary j blige on hot 97
Mary is proof of the saying "what don't kill you makes you stronger". This is a really good insightful interview Mary Had with HOT 97's Angie Martinez.

Mary talked about how devastated she was over the Burger King Chicken commercial,and how it deeply hurt her when people was saying negative vicious things about her and calling it bafoonery.

She apologizes to her fans and assures them that she would NEVER (not even for a check) belittle herself they way the commercial made it seem she did.

She also talks about being grateful for the experience because it showed her who her real friends are. She didn't say names, but implied that some people who she thought was friends turned on her.

My thoughts on the commercial have always been... I believe it was unfinished, and i do believe it was suppose to be a dream sequence and was leaked before it was completed. I also feel people seriously overreacted.

There was more outrage over the chicken commercial than there was about the 45 black people getting shot in ONE weekend in Chicago.

Black people need to stop being over sensitive about chicken... re-direct that anger and outrage towards Black on Black crime or something that really matters.

Mary says:
I understand the laughter and the jokes that was happening. That’s all good! You’re supposed to do that when something like that happens . It made people’s website [hits] go up. It made people get more ratings on their radio stations. Cool. Whatever. Hehe Haha, but the thing that hurt me is when people were just starting to say vicious and negative things that didn’t even have nothing to do with that. What it did was expose everyone and everything that was in my life and it showed me who my friends are.
It was sold to us that I would be shot in an iconic way and it was going to be great so I was looking for someone to have mercy but no one had mercy and it’s cool. It was a learning experience.
On turning down money in the past:
Listen, Proactive came to me asking me to be a spokesperson for their line. I don’t use proactive and it was a lot of money and it was way more money than $2 million dollars. My fans look at me and they want to do everything I want to do. What is she using on her skin? What is she wearing on her hair? I’m more concerned about my fans and telling them what’s real then some money. I’ve turned down alcohol and they always come with the most money and I’m like, ‘no, I’m not doing that,’ because here I am saying I want to turn my life around and I don’t abuse alcohol anymore so why am I going to sell it to you?

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