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5 Bad Moves Men Make That Turn Women Off

Recently i stumbled onto a article about sexual turn offs that made me laugh. I could identify with a lot of what was being said...

I'm no sex expert, However, i do know a thing or 2 about what turns myself and the average woman OFF... so i decided to put together my own personal list of BAD MOVES men make in hopes of helping you fella's see the light, lol

1. Sending Penis Pictures:
Sending a penis picture without knowing if she wants to see it is a BAD MOVE fellas!!! In a committed relationship there are no rules, but in the beginning dating phase, sending a penis picture to a woman’s phone, email, twitter or facebook is a absolute no no.

I met a man i was interested in (let's call him Mr X), by our 2rd phone conversation Mr X says "i wanna text you a picture" so i'm thinking to myself "Great, it would be nice to see his cute face", little did i know it wasn't his face i was about to see, SMH!!! Mr X sent a picture of his penis (yikes). "what is he implying?" i thought to myself... we had never been on a date and up to that point, there had been NO sex talk or anything of that nature.. so why did this man feel that was a appropriate move to make so soon? maybe he felt i would be turned on by it, when in fact the OPPOSITE effect happened, it made me look at him differently (in a bad way) i was COMPLETELY turned off and insulted that he even had the nerve to send it. Needless to say, i'm no longer interested in Mr X.

By the way... If she's happily jumping for joy over you sending a penis picture after only 1 or 2 phone conversations... you might wanna reconsider making her wifey (i'm just sayin;)
2. Bragging about how GREAT you are sexually:
Why do men do this? We don't need your "coming attraction" movie trailer details. We will find out the truth soon enough. Going on & on & on about how GREAT you are sexually is a BAD MOVE that might get you sent to the voicemail.
3. Faster is better
if you are costarring in a Porn, sure that's great! otherwise jack hammer moves are NOT (i repeat) NOT what every woman wants... In fact, fellas... getting sex moves and advice from watching pornos is a BAD MOVE! Those women are being paid a HEFTY fee to endured things that us regular women will look at you "side eyed" for. In real life, most woman want to feel special and loved, not like a prostitute.
4. All women like the same things
Regardless of what you may have heard, women do NOT all like the same things sexually. Next time when you're trying to figure out why your best move BOMBED on your latest lady love... remember "i told you so".. assuming that just because one woman liked a move you did... that the next woman will also like it is a BAD MOVE. My advice is "get to know your partner" (i repeat) "GET TO KNOW YOUR PARTNER" the biggest mistake men make is assuming we all get turned on by the same things.
5. Neglecting affection and Foreplay:
Neglecting foreplay and affection with someone you care about is a definate BAD MOVE. Let me tell you something... a man who knows what he is doing can turn a woman on without ever laying a hand on her body (FACT). Affection & mental foreplay are probably 2 of the most underestimated ways of turning a woman on. Most men just simply don't know what mental foreplay is, let alone how to do it... it's talking, saying the right things the right way, looking into her eyes... kissing her, touching her in a gentle way that's not groping, being seductive is sexy to a woman, it's all a part of the "build up" (if done right) you can drive a woman through the roof!

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