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Tom Gist drops new Music Video about a common relationship issue most people can relate to "CHANGE"

You guys know when i like a artist, i won't shut up about them. This why you've heard me ramble on and on about Harlem rapper Tom Gist more than a few times...

One of the many reasons he's one of my favorite rappers is because, he has the ability to tap into the emotions of the listeners of his music, and he has VERY interesting topics that i can relate to.... He speaks about REAL life, and doesn't try to follow the trends like most artist do.

Watching this Music Video for his new single "Change" featuring up and coming Producer/SongWriter CallMe Parker reminded me of all the times i've seen people change who they are just for the sake of making someone happy in a relationship.... Check out the video below.

SIDE NOTE: I'm really feeling this producer CallMe Parker. He's multi-talented, He did his thing with the beat, and he sounds good singing on the hook. We need to keep a eye out for him, i have a feelin he's gonna do BIG things in the near future.


Listen to a beat i made on the MPC Renaissance  

I'm back on my production grind... Check out this beat i made on the MPC Renaissance. You can listen to the beat by pressing play on the facebook video or youtube video below.

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7 Day Cruise to Bermuda with DJ Cocoa Chanelle Aug 10-17th

I'm DJing on a 7 Day cruise from New York (Manhattan) to Bermuda on my Birthday presented by Kevin Walters & TravelDeeLite.com Whooo Hoooo!!!

I would LOVE for you to come party with me :) Especially if you're a LEO (you know how we do) Birthday discounts are available and a $100 (on board credit)... The Cabins on the NEW Norwegian Breakaway ship are absolutely BEAUTIFUL... Check out this cabin... It looks more like a hotel than a cruise cabin. (pricing details below)

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COCOA MIX: The Best Of Jaheim (Valentine's Edition)

Here's a "Best Of Jaheim" Mix (Valentine's Edition) to help you guys set the mood :) Shout out to Lenny Green & Cell Phone Chris for joining me on the Intro.... ENJOY :)


Meet AJ Rockafeller & Monopaly: The voice of a new generation (AUDIO interview)

Meet AJ Rockafeller & Monopaly: The voice of a new generation written by @DjCocoaChanelle

I love it when new artist who aren't afraid to be themselves cross my path.. AJ Rockafeller and Monopaly are two talented young rappers from New York brought to my attention by a mutual friend.

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VIDEO: Rapper Tom Gist gives surprise proposal to long time girlfriend

rapper tom gist gives surprise proposal to long time girlfriend
Wow... Cupid strikes again... Move over Jay Z and Beyonce, Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys... there's a new Hip Hop couple in town.

Former Dipset affiliate Rapper Tom Gist surprised his long time girlfriend (the mother of his 2 children) when he popped the question and asked her to marry him in the middle of her birthday party.

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SoundScan first week album sales projections for J Cole, Kanye, Kelly Rowland & Mac Miller

SoundScan first week album sales projections for J Cole, Kanye, Kelly Rowland & Mac Miller
YASSSSSS J Cole.... i'm sooooo happy for you!!!!

As you know, J Cole and Kanye both dropped their albums on the same day, and EVERYBODY was saying that it's a bad move for J Cole .

Wellllll, the projections for first week sales are in, and according to SOHH.. Ya boy J Cole is still looking GOOD out here.

Kanye is on pace to sale between

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New Music Video: Jordan Meyer "Rain"

new music video jordan meyer
It's no surprise to me that Jordan Meyer has a loyal fan base that continues to grow bigger with every song he releases.

Jordan is in a lane by himself. Not only is he a good singer with a lot of soul, he's a talented songwriter who makes HOT beats and produces his own music, as well as producing tracks for other artist... that within itself separates him from the rest.

I first became a fan of Jordan when i heard a very emotional song he produced and co-wrote with rapper BigStat

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Foxy brown talks Jay Z, being abused, losing hearing, dating Haitian Jack & more with The Combat Jack Show [Audio]

Foxy brown talks Jay Z, being abused, losing hearing, dating Hatian Jack & more with The Combat Jack Show [audio] written by @DjCocoaChanelle

There's no denying that Foxy Brown is one of the BEST female rappers to ever do it...

Back in the days her lyrics put a lot of dudes to shame. She was so good that most people forgot that she was only a baby in high school when she became famous.

Over the years I've heard Foxy do many radio interviews, but i have to say... this interview with the Combat Jack Show is the most in depth, open and honest that I've heard.

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Wale brings Lupe Fiasco & Rick Ross together for a positive song "Poor Decisions"  (audio)

Wale brings Lupe Fiasco & Rick Ross together for a positive song
Wow... this is a collaboration i didn't see coming, but i'm happy it happened.

Wale has a new song called "Poor Decisions" featuring Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco off the upcoming Maybach Music "Self Made Vol. 3 album. The hook repeats....

"Rich Nigga's makin poor decisions"

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